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Environmental Community Service and Language Learning
     Local students and volunteers

  • Hands-on learning and cooperation
  • "Be the Change" volunteer activities
  • Investment in our community
  • Connect with nature (adopt-a-park)
  • Cultural immersion and exchange
  • Educational field trips
  • Peace-centered education
Peace Centered Education Society
Be a Community Leadership Intern...

         ....and develop employable skills


Become a General Volunteer for the OC Parks
a non-profit group
Address: 10971 Garden Grove Blvd. #C, Garden Grove, CA 92843
"Be the change
that you want to see in the world"

-Mohandas Gandhi
Want to get involved?
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Educational reformers have advocated the need for 'hands-on' experiential learning

Schools should not be, "so set apart, so isolated from ordinary conditions and motives of life... it is the one place in the world where it is most difficult to get experience - the mother of all disciplines."
- John Dewey (education reformer)

Japanese education reformer Tsunesaburo Makiguchi asserted that, through his version of a half-day school system it would increase the chances for students to interact directly with nature. He believed this would develop virtues
such as compassion and a
deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of
all living things.
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Upcoming Events

  • Adopt-A-Park at Irvine Regional Park in Orange, CA
  • Second Saturday of each month ~ 8:30-11:00 AM

  • Adopt-A-Park at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, CA
  • Fourth Saturday of each month ~ 8:30-10:30 AM